1st Dec, 2016 @ 23:48 | Lexi

12 Days of Functionality: Grande Totes

Sunset Camo Grande Tote

Grande Function For Every Babe

With the Christmas holidays approaching fast, we thought we’d take the time to showcase our most functional silhouettes for the next 12 Days! Join us for this festive dive into some of our fav bags…

Grande Tote, Grande Function for every part of you, because Consuela Babes are Girls on the Go! From Yoga, Kiddos, Work, Parties and Traveling, your Grande Tote is just as versatile as you!

Rosie Grande Tote


Time to grab that morning workout before your crazy packed day begins! Grab a Grande that matches your personality, because this baby has room for it all!! Yoga Mat, Check. Towel & Toiletries, Check. Change of clothes, Check. Enough space for your daytime clutch, DOUBLE CHECK! Enjoy that relaxing class knowing that you’re organized for the whole day!

Bettie Grande Tote


Bats, balls, snacks, diapers, toys, bottles, the list is neverending. Our Grande Totes have adjustable gussets on the side that allow you to snap them in, or pop them out for ultimate storage! With two interior organizing pockets and room to spare, keep those kiddos happy by having all of your essentials (and MORE!) in one place! Apple sauce explosion? Busted baby oil? No problemo! Our durable and easy to clean ConsuelaCloth™ lining has your back! Grab one of those baby wipes (we know you have them) and wipe it clean!

La Chula Grande Tote


Heading out on a weekend road trip to Marfa, or traveling for the holidays? The Grande Tote is your new BFF, stuff this lady to the gills with all of your fav outfits, road trip essentials and domed cosmetics. Pop out those gussets after your trip to stuff in all of those souvenirs you bought (we know you went on a crazy local shopping spree). Don’t want all of your items exposed? Just zip the top for privacy. Now get out there and see the world!

Victoria Grande Tote


‘Tis the season of Holiday Parties, and you’re in charge of bringing the wine (YEAH GIRL!). Good thing this baby has plenty of room to keep the party going all night! All of that dancing making your feet “WOOF” in those heels? Just grab those flats out and change.

This brings us to the most important question… How many wine bottles fit inside of a Grande Tote? 1, 2, 3… The world may never know! 😉

Laguna Candy Crush Grande Tote


Need a work tote that’s just as polished and stylish as you? We’ve got you covered!

Our iridescent Candy Crush quilt is sleek and sophisticated with elevated Italian Leather accents. From laptops to lunch, this baby has room for all of your work essentials. Need help organizing that mess, let our interior pockets help you out! Two deep pouch pockets on one side for your phone, keys, wallets and sunnies, and a zipper pocket on the other side for more secure items! Running late? You can throw it all in the Grande, then zip the top to hide your mess before your next meeting!


You’re Multifaceted

We’ve got the Grande solution to match your bag with each unique facet of you!


Consuela Girls on the Go!