20th Apr, 2012 @ 18:22 | alyssa

Be Consuela!


Consuela was fashioned in that magical moment of possibility.  Reflecting on the beaches of a Cozumel vacation, potentiality splashed in sun reflected waves lapping through toes warming in the soft sand. A deep sigh of relief exhaling dreams of living with freedom and peace—released back into the great body of water—and the idea for Consuela was born.

We all know and get these miraculous moments that unfold in our lives. Frequent or not, they sweep us off of our feet to deliver us reprieve and to remind us that we are interconnected and alive to birth an amazing story.  What do your moments look like? Maybe noticing the first electric lime green bud barely peeking out from a bare winter tree branch…or a song that carries the exact right words or notes to bring alive what you are feeling…a meal that bursts with flavorful intonations that make your heart savor happiness…a baby’s flawless skin and smile…laying in your pajamas on a Saturday morning with no agenda…whatever your magical moments look like—we honor them.

Consuela thrives on these magical moments.  In fact, we even coined our active phrase…

…to remember that this life is indeed a verb, not a static noun.  We are in the action of unfolding what is possible in our lives.  More or less, we want Consuela to be more than just our “company”—for us it is the larger “Us”—a movement, a vibe, a synergy of living and loving connected by care and inspiration.  Through it, we’ll experience the highs and lows and in betweens together…with the goal of living a positive and joyful life.  Authenticity is what you can expect from our blogosphere.

Our greatest desire is to create a space where you can be embraced EXACTLY where you are—knowing that you deserve to dream for yourself new possibilities.

We’re hoping you decide to voyage along with us. Next week we will be giving you the goods on how we want to unfurl this fun, with the caveat that this dream is unfolding with “Us” in a dynamic conversation, so we know it will take on a life of its own as we move through the living layers together.

As we say, Viva Consuela! (Live in Possibility)