8th Jun, 2012 @ 15:10 | consuela

Be The Change


This beautiful Friday we take a moment to celebrate an astounding quote by Gandhi.  This quote is celebrated by many; we hope you embody the phrase “be the change” as if it is unobtainable. We have the opportunity to change this world everyday!

Changing the world is possible for all of us—it means you follow your bliss by giving your greatest strengths to the world moment by moment. Maybe that means being present for your family, rockin’ a project at work, exercising to make yourself feel great…endless possibilities for doing what you are doing and being with joy and presence.  When you do this, others do everything in their power to help you succeed because they are magnetically drawn to you. This means that you inspire everyone you know to do the same, as they want the same feeling for themselves. Then these folks embrace their own paths and draw people to them. All of this equates to affecting countless people in one tremendous ripple and together we change the world.

We hope you can take something personal away from this quote and practice it daily.  It’s truly astonishing what one person can accomplish with the right mind set and confidence that they are great and good.  Here’s to making the world around you a better place one day at a time.  Viva Consuela!