21st Nov, 2014 @ 22:34 | Amy Morrow

The Black Friday Survival Kit


It’s that time of year again, where waking up before the crack of dawn to engage in frigid, mile-long lines seems normal. So, here at Consuela we wanted to give you something more than reasonable hours of operation and fabulous Italian leather bags! We present, THE ULTIMATE: BLACK FRIDAY SURVIVAL KIT!

This kit is meant to help you through the chemically unbalancing ups and downs of the day! With this kit you will end Black Friday in style or at least a little buzzed.


#1: Kosmic Salty Dog (Retail $3.99) and 2 flights of Presto Prosecco (Retail $9.99)

It’s never too early for a Kombucha Mimosa and this cocktail mix is completely acceptable before 5 am. Take 1 splash Kosmic Kombucha and 1 flight Prosecco and wahla, it’s an early bird party!

The health benefits of the Kombucha helps to mitigate the negative side effects of Champagne Campaigning during those unreasonable shopping hours. In mere minutes you’ll go from feeling like this >>


to this >>


Bonus Tip: Klean Kanteens (Retail $18.99) do wonders for keeping your bubbles of choice cold and concealing that you may be a bit of a booze hound. 😉


#2: Bumble and Bumble’s Pret-a-powder (Retail for $22 for 2 oz.)

Our office poll stated that this is definitely what Giselle B. throws in her hair at 4 am to give it that look of pure awesomeness! This little bottle holds all the secrets to life and is equal parts dry shampoo and salvation!

LIP-BALM#3: Skin by Ann Webb in Coffee Cherry (Retail $11.99)

This local Austin find is the ultimate rescue for your lips and eyes. So, when your face starts to feel like a layer of drying plaster has been applied, just reach for this miracle in a tube!

FOOD#4: Pistachios (Retail $0.99) and KIND plus bar (Retail $1.69)

These two must-haves are to make sure you don’t start going all Mike Tyson on those around you because you have “low blood sugar”.

EYEBROWS#5: Laura Mercier Eyebrow Gel (Retail $20.00)

This eyebrow gel will get you one step closer to owning Mary-Kate and Ashley’s eyebrows. Not since Brooke Shields broke on to the scene have we had an excuse to go so thoughtfully wild with our above the eye caterpillars. You may be asking why is this in a survival kit? Four words, “Look crazy, be crazy.”

HAND-SANNY#6: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Organic Fair Trade Hand Sanitizer in Lavender (Retail $3.49)

The name says it all. MAGIC! This spritz will help you smell a little less like death and will help fight away all of the germs that come with shopping anywhere other than amazon.com.


And last but not least – The packaging: We chose the Classic Indy Tote to house our survival kit because the embossed snakeskin material can double as a pillow, it’s bright enough that in case of emergency you can be easily spotted in a large crowd and it’s a bag meant to be worn by a Boss, like you!

We hope our Black Friday Survival Kit serves you well and Happy Hunting!

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