12th Sep, 2014 @ 18:22 | CONSUELA

Closet Freak

kate bosworth clothes closet

Every girl dreams of a closet that can hold walls of shoes, racks of sequined dresses and, of course, her massive Consuela collection. More than walk-in closets these spaces could be considered rooms (or even apartments) of their own!

Take a look at some of the spaces we’ve been drooling over and comment to let us know which is your favorite!

olivia palermo fashion collection
Left: Olivia Palermo took over an entire room with her gorgeous collection of clothes. It feels more like a a carefully curated boutique than a closet!

Right: We love the clean, organized feel of the white built-ins but the yellow ottoman really gives this closet a pop.

pink peonies and sai closet room
Left: Rachel Parcell of blog Pink Peonies closet/office is a princess’ heaven. French blooms, leopard carpet and pink chandeliers make us want to go play dress up with this chic fashionista.

Right: Sai Sankoh of blog Because I Am Fabulous also turned a spare room into a girly haven. Her family helped her build out the interior — too sweet! We have family to spare…now we just need a spare room.

Left: You usually see closets that are all white or all dark colors. This closet plays with pink and lacquered purple that will make you feel like you’re shopping a high-end boutique every morning.

Right: Leave it to Paris Hilton to have an over-the-top closet that makes your eyes go a little crazy. Would you go for this style or does it feel too much like a carnival fun house?

Left: Fashion editor and street style goddess Anna dello Russo picks out her favorite shoes of the moment and displays them in a gorgeous case. Just like Carrie Bradshaw she likes her money right where she can see it. In her closet.

Right: Rochelle Gores Fredston doesn’t just like expensive jewelry, she also likes gorgeous decor. Check out that crystal chandelier!

This is Theresa Roemer’s closet clothes house. She is a Houston businesswoman who recently built a 3,000 square foot 3 story (!!!) closet. The top floor is where she keeps her shoes and has a champagne bar — you know, just in case she needs to entertain.

YOUR TURN! If you could have everything you wanted, what kind of closet would you have? Organized with lots of built-in’s? Dark, colorful, all white, mirrored?

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