15th Nov, 2013 @ 16:44 | consuela

Consuela Loves: Distressed Leather


We’re currently in the midst of a passionate love affair…with distressed leather. It’s a trend we’re seeing a lot of now that the weather is cooling down and one we even used in our newest collection. It really rings true the saying “what’s’ old is new again” or better yet, “What’s new is old again” as each piece looks aged to imperfect perfection.

What’s great about distressed leather is that it makes any piece explicitly unique. Natural blemishes and imperfections are what give distressed leather its aged appeal and help distinguish one piece from another. Like a snowflake or a fingerprint, no two pieces are the same.


It’s not entirely fair to call distressed leather a “trend” as it’s definitely one of those looks that has always had a place. The material really lends itself to vintage inspired looks, especially boots and biker jackets.


We love the way distressed leather helps an outfit tell a story and how it effortlessly compliments other fabrics and textures, which is why we couldn’t help but use it in our new Marfa Collection. You can see a few of the ways we’ve been incorporating distressed leather with The Chantilly and The Navajo.


No matter how it’s been used in the past, half the fun of rocking distressed leather is finding new ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe. So tell us, what are your favorite distressed leather looks this season?