21st Oct, 2016 @ 20:21 | Lexi

Consuela’s Halloween Instagram Giveaway

Consuela Halloween Insta Giveaway

It’s That Time Again!

Guess You’ve Heard

We’re doing our Halloween Bag Giveaway Contest again! This year we’ve filled a Sugar Skulls U-Tote-It Bag with festive pumpkin candies. Guess how many we’ve fit inside, and you could WIN the bag for yourself!!


  1. Go to our Instagram profile, @ConsuelaStyle
  2. On the Giveaway Post, make your guess in a comment below.
  3. The person with the closest guess WINS a Sugar Skulls U-Tote-It Bag! (Price Is Right rules! The closest guess on or below the actual #.)

Please make only 1 guess per comment, but tag your friends to give them a chance to win as well!

Giveaway Contest ends Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 11:59am CST (that’s noon, NOT midnight!)
The winner will be announced Oct. 26 @ 5pm on our @ConsuelaStyle Instagram page. Stay tuned to see if you’ve won!


Congratulations to Instagrammer, @juniverse01

Thanks To Everyone Who Entered by Taking A Guess!