5th Jun, 2014 @ 19:29 | CONSUELA

Darling Donald Drawbertson

donald drawberson artist and creative at bobbi brown

You’ve probably seen them. They’re all over Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook. These playful fashion illustrations that have been taking the internet by storm are by Donald Robertson, head of Creative Development for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. He is constantly sketching fashion’s elite, coworkers and anything that inspires him which is how he got the nick name Donald “Drawbertson.” Too perfect!

We love how the sketches’ loose lines give his subjects a sense of organic movement. And the tongue in cheek way he incorporates everyday objects such as washi tape and cereal boxes into his work. Here are a few of our favorites right now:

donald robertson fashion illustration

girl getting dressed by donald drawbertson

karl lagerfeld painting by donald robertson

carine and julia roitfeld by bobbi brown's robertson
Definitely follow Donald on Instagram for all his latest doodles and sketches; they always brighten up our day!