9th May, 2012 @ 14:06 | alyssa

Flower Power.


We ♥ flowers!  Maybe it’s the full bloom of the season, the fireflies twinkling in the evening air, or the saturating sweet warmth of the sun.  One thing is for sure: we are blossoming here at Consuela.

Austin is truly a magical place for entrepreneurs. One of the most awesome aspects of this city is that mentorship and idea-sharing are coveted elements of our culture. You could say that in Austin, you are always invited to “bloom.”

To match the magic of spring unfolding with our gratitude for inventing your vision, today we are loving Austin businesswoman Erika Pinktipps who channeled her love for fashion and nature into a passionately colorful business, Bloomers!  Erika’s floral creations have graced brides, fashion shows, musicians, artists, and most recently—even crowned super model Karlie Kloss in the December issue of ITALIAN VOGUE. Why not put a beautiful blossom in your hair this season and let yourself color the world?