1st May, 2014 @ 21:47 | CONSUELA

Introducing Consuela 2.0

consuela crown logo

Like all living things, Consuela is evolving and growing. Moving forward, our new logo (below on the right) will appear in some form on every Consuela product. Because many of you are most familiar with the Legacy logo (below on the left) we wanted to share with you how the Consuela brand is expanding and where you can expect to see each logo.
different phases of consuela logo

Legacy Logo

consuela legacy logo bird and anchor
The Legacy logo is what started it all. Consuela founder, Conni Reed, drew this logo herself. To Conni,  both the wings and the anchor symbolize the the spirit of freedom, adventure and travel. The logo reflects the fun, colorful free-spirit of Consuela’s creed — the art of the unmatched.  This logo will always be on the products that helped build the Consuela name, such as our Classic totes and on our Legacy Collection.

Capsule Collection Logo

marfa and bon voyage consuela logo
As we added more travel-inspired capsule collections we created a special logo for these bags. The Consuela bird spread its wings further to create one big ‘C.’ This logo is seen on our destination collections: Bon Voyage and Marfa. Think of it as a mark of our limited edition, collectable lines.

The New Signature Logo

Consuela signature collection new logo
The logo you see today pulls its core elements from our Legacy logo. You’ll see Consuela in flight and a glamorous crown. This logo is now the overarching logo for the entire Consuela brand and will be on all products in some way, shape, or form. We think the sleek lines and the wings are a perfect fit for our growth as a national fashion and lifestyle brand.

We hope you’re as excited about the new Consuela look as we are!