23rd Jul, 2014 @ 21:14 | CONSUELA

Working for a Better Future

ladli school jaipur

Artist, teacher and world traveler Lindsey Bailey recently talked to Consuela about her adventures in India and relationship with the Ladli Vocational Center. Ladli is a school in Jaipur that teaches children to make artisan handicrafts for a living. Oftentimes these childrens’ alternatives are begging, child labour, or even prostitution, so Ladli — which translates to “loving girl” — does its part to disrupt this pattern.

ladli orphan school

All of the children at Ladli learn a trade and get paid to work. That money is put into a savings account which is kept for them until they are old enough to start their own lives. There are two schools — the boys school and the girls school.

lunch in india

Typically, boys work on piping for beaded necklaces and tote bags. An expert tailor measures and cuts everything and oversees the handiwork.

indian boy sewing

Girls design greeting cards and make jewelry, among other things.

fair trade beads india

Lindsey will be working with Ladli during the 2015-2016 school year teaching creative workshops and entrepreneurship skills. Thank you, Lindsey, for letting us know about this amazing organization and we wish you luck next year!

colorful indian truck

All photos by Lindsey Bailey