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Livin’ the Consuela Life


Look Good. Laugh Easy. Lift the World. Live in Color. If you’ve been with us for a while, then you’ve probably heard us talk about those four pillars and what they mean to us. Together, they make up the foundation of what we like to refer to as, The Consuela Life. So much more than just words, these four pillars are the entire core of our Consuela Culture and act as a guiding light for how we aim to live our lives. The Consuela Life is a synergy – a give and take. It’s a way to relish in life’s luxuries while at the same time, giving back what we can to perpetuate the circle of goodness.

Rediscover what it means to Look Good, Laugh Easy, Lift the World and Live in Color PLUS, discover how you can help someone you know who lives the Consuela Life win an exclusive giveaway. {Details below!}



Let us start by saying that we aren’t going to be the ones who try to contain or define beauty. We don’t want beauty to feel exclusionary. Consuela celebrates the funky, the cool, the out there, the classic, the hip, the new, the old and everyone in between.  Being fashionable to us is all about expressing who you truly are and lucky for us, the variations of self-expression are endlessly inspired! The fun of this all is that we are real people who don’t live in a “beauty bubble,” and we won’t pretend to.  We want to open your eyes to all new ways to define your style and help color your experiences with Consuela products to add some serious glow to your lives.


BirdsofaFeatherQuieres mas ‘ha ha?’ Si! Mas ‘ha ha’ por favor! Folks, laughter and positivity are downright contagious and we want to see more of both in the world. Is there anything better than a good ol’ fashioned, “I may or may not have just peed a little,” belly laugh? You know, the kind that makes you laugh so hard that you quit making sound altogether and between your total loss of facial control and tears exploding from your eyes, passersby seem genuinely concerned for your wellbeing (which only makes you laugh harder). Oh yeah! Let’s see some more of that, please!


Lift the World2

Another value that tops our company list: practice and participate in giving and getting love that inspires, lifts, and heals the world.  Truly, what else matters?  We believe love is a renewable resource and that we should give as much as we get, or more! Yes, more! Let the good things in your life lift you up and inspire you to better the life of someone else. That could be as simple as smiling at a stranger, holding the door for someone, or even letting that annoying dude that clearly knew his lane was ending merge in front of you, whatever! We’re all about perpetuating the cycle of goodness in the world. No gesture is too big or small!

Live in ColorLIVE IN COLOR

Multi-faceted.  Festive.  Saturated.  Fun. Curious. Feminine. Confident.  Vivid. Textured. Hued. Unique. Inspired. We are all of these things and so much more. And so are you! A full on spectrum of amazement. Consuela and color go together like Forrest and Jenn-ay and that’s just the way we like it. The bolder the better. Our designs are a reminder to dare to reinvent yourself, live big and shine bright, always! We love the Walt Whitman quote: “Do I contradict myself?  Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.”  We celebrate our prerogative to change and grow all throughout our lives, and seek, follow, and blaze the trails of our dreams!


So, do these pillars make you think of anyone in particular? Well then, nominate them for our Consuela Life Giveaway and they could win a $200 Consuela Gift Certificate and an exclusive feature in an upcoming blog post! Maybe it’s a friend who knows just what to say when you need a real-life LOL. Or it could be a coworker who, despite their crazy schedule, will always offer to carpool when your car’s in the shop. Whoever comes to mind, we want to reward their awesomeness!

To nominate someone: just send us their name, what pillar they embody and a detailed description of why you think they live the Consuela Life to [email protected]

Celebrate awesomeness! Viva Consuela!