3rd Nov, 2014 @ 17:19 | CONSUELA

Our Love for All Creatures Big and Small


Here at Consuela we love our Animals! You’ve probably even seen Diggi and Kacy (Conni and Clay’s dogs) or Stanley (Liz’s dog) on Facebook or on our blog before!

Austin is a big rescue animal city and so many of our fur babies are adopted. Here are some of the honorary Consuela team members:
austin rescue dogs

  • Butch (a.k.a. Boo) — Social Media Manager Miró’s dog
  • Stanley — Design Assistant Liz’s dog
  • Perry — Inside Sales and Wholesale Manager Rosie’s dog

gretchen's dogs

  • Fin and Juno — Customer Service Guru Gretchen’s dogs

Even if you can’t or don’t want to own a pet, you can still share your love for furry friends! Have you ever thought about:

  • donating pet food and other supplies
  • organizing a supply drive at your school, church, girl scout troop, book club, etc.
  • volunteering to spend time with the animals at a shelter
  • fostering animals until they find a permanent home
  • donating a few dollars
  • asking your friends and family to donate to an organization in your name instead of buying presents this year

Need even more ideas? Here are some great organizations to get involved with:

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