7th Oct, 2013 @ 21:28 | consuela

Marfa: Two Miles Surrounded by Reality


When you’re driving on I-10 into West Texas, it feels almost as if all civilization has abandoned the world. With about a four-hour stretch of nothingness, you wonder if a pack of flesh-eating zombies is going to emerge at any given moment, as if you’re living in the world of The Walking Dead. You look out into the flat pastures expecting to spot Walter White’s RV where he and Jesse Pinkman are cooking meth.


But past the feeling of emptiness, there’s something very euphoric about West Texas. The world seems to go on for miles without a single skyscraper obstructing your view. The plants seem like foreign creatures and the flat, light-colored earth reflects the sunrays in a manner that makes everything glow.

Marfa is a tiny town, with a population of about 2,000, tucked away between I-10 and Big Bend State Park. You could drive right through it in the blink of an eye. So what’s the draw to this tiny speck on the map? Whether it’s the multitude of art galleries or unique shops around town, the small town hospitality every person seems to encompass, the wide-open spaces, the cool breeze, or the vast number of visible stars at night, this little magical town will enchant you.

The Consuela team journeyed to the tiny West Texas town for a three-day photoshoot revolving around everything Marfa and everything Consuela. After waking up at the crack of dawn on a Wednesday morning, a dead car battery, countless cups of coffee, and a six-hour drive, we got to work promptly upon our arrival. With a trailer so packed you would have thought we were moving in, the team scurried around to unload and get everything set up for the first shoot.

With multiple different looks, different hair, different makeup, and different bags, the shoot continued until sundown.

On the second day, half of the team went into Marfa to shoot around town. We shot in the courtyard at El Paisano Hotel, which is definitely a must-see, especially if you’re a fan of James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor in Giant. After shooting at the hotel, we hopped over to the Lost Horse Saloon, a tiny little bar that felt and looked like it was straight out of a movie. The owner, Ty Mitchell, wins the award for the most interesting man in Marfa. He and his dog, Quattro, are like the Batman and Robin of this town. And they have even both been featured together in various Chevrolet advertisements in Times Square.

Ty welcomed us into his bar to take photos and then we received another warm welcome, from some older male residents of Marfa, in the form of Tequila shots. When the Consuela team descended upon this little bar in Small Town, Texas, it was like we became everyone’s new favorite group of out-of-towners.

After wrapping up the shoot on the third day, the team enjoyed the final afternoon in the pool at the house followed by a marvelous paella dinner outside in the cool, evening desert breeze. Gathering around good food, and good wine, in good company as the sun began to dip below the horizon was the perfect way to end a crazy, fun, and busy trip. We shared our favorite moments and funny stories. Amidst the chaos life brings us, you must also revel in the simple pleasures often hidden in the folds.

Photos by Emree Weaver