25th May, 2012 @ 20:11 | consuela

Meet Clay: Our “Steady Freddie”


He is the milk to the cookies, the macaroni to the cheese, and the jelly to the peanut butter. (You get the idea.) He is Clay Reed, our VP and CFO, better known to us as the patient and steady strength behind an office of six strong Consuela women. Yikes!  We figured it only appropriate to make sure you know the man who makes us laugh and helps keep us truckin’ along every day.

A man of thought, you can often find Clay in a pondering position, much like the infamous French statue by Auguste Rodin, The Thinker.

We’ve even made up a slew of company culture words that allude to his grounded influence on everything.   Examples:

Needless to say, you can’t find a more amazing sense of humor than Clay.  We tried to grab a candid Q&A moment with the King of Operations over a cup of really strong office coffee.

Q:“What is the most challenging thing about working with six strong women?”

A: “Conni, Maggie, Alyssa, Rianna, Karen, Brittani.”

Q: What is the best part of working with six strong women?”

A: “Conni, Maggie, Alyssa, Rianna, Karen, Brittani.”

And…just as the paparazzi arrived, he was off to make phone calls about complex things we muse over everyday such as production, fulfillment, distribution, planning, and growth.

In all gratitude, Clay has been a rock alongside his beautiful wife and our Founder/Designer, Conni Reed. They are proud parents to their sweet doggies, Kacy and Scout, who have been known to love Consuela blankets!  For seven years, Clay has been a steady presence with Conni as Consuela has grown leaps and bounds: cultivating Conni’s dream of Consuela (2005), taking roadtrips for retail shows (2006), moving into our first office in Dripping Springs, TX (2007), producing the goods for our first ever wholesale order (2008), sourcing materials on international trips (2009), growing the product line evermore (2010), expanding Team Consuela (2011), lifting us to what’s next (2012).