27th Oct, 2016 @ 22:36 | Lexi

Moonlight Maiden

Moonlight Maiden | Stevie Nicks

In honor of our new Stevie Tote, let’s take a moment to take a look at the Classic Rock Goddess who inspired our Frida Collection newbie! Hat’s off to you, Stevie Nicks!!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that we’ve looked to rock icon, Stevie Nicks, for inspiration. A legend in her own right, her music tells the story of her own unique journey. We totally vibe with that! While our iconic totes are there with you through every step of your adventure, the story isn’t about the bag, it’s where you take it!


Stevie Style

She’s independent, a free spirit, poet, romantic, and wildly creative!

A mix of romance and drama. Of textures and deeply saturated colors. Our Stevie Tote takes cues from the daringly eclectic Stevie Nicks in its black leather exterior draped in a vampy take on our Valentina embroidery. Combined with rugged brown leather trim and Big Kitty print inside, this lil baby hits all the facets of Nicks’ artsy aesthetic.


With stand-out style, we hope you take to the sky like a white-winged dove and march to the beat of your own drum (or tambourine, in true Stevie fashion). Between romantic floral prints, all-over fringe, gothic looks and lace, you can never go wrong looking up to this fashion icon!

Dare To Be Uniquely You!



The Simple Way To Stevie Style

Want to rock Stevie’s look for Halloween, and still wear these pieces through fall? We’ve got a totally wicked look for you to honor this inspirational soul!

For Stevie Nick’s Voodoo Lady look, you’ll need a few key pieces.

1. Floral Print Lace Maxi Dress
2. A Floppy Boho Hat
3. 70s Red Velvet Boots
4. Black Velvet & Lace Kimono!
5. Consuela Stevie Classic Tote


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