26th Jun, 2012 @ 15:32 | consuela

Music Magic



Earlier this month, the Consuela Team attended a Foster the People show in Austin at one of the city’s great outdoor venues, The Backyard.  We had a blast.  The music was great, and so was the show.  We are in a really exciting time because we are moving to a new office/studio in the heart of downtown with a retail store too!  All of the renovations are underway, and we have been loving thinking up creative decorative designs for our new digs.



The lighting and stage show at Foster the People was completely inspirational. They had an awesome lighted sun that had moving line drawings for the face image.  The line art was really simple but modern.  Loved it!  Check our You Tube video to see and feel the incredible energy this show was able to capture.


After seeing the show we got to brainstorming about how we could make our office and retail space similar to a theater or stage show, where everything was easily moveable and changeable so that we can make new looks as our moods, show themes, design colors change throughout the seasons.  We are working with Brian Chilton, a great local architectural element builder/furniture designer extraodinairre to make our vision come to life.  We’ll keep you posted as we progress, and hope to see you at our grand opening in the fall!