31st Oct, 2013 @ 16:18 | consuela

Pumpkin Carving, Consuela Style



A very merry All Hallows’ Eve to you! Halloween is quite possibly the reigning king of fun holidays and definitely a favorite around Consuela. Come on, what other holiday encourages dressing up in funky outfits, devouring large quantities of remorse-free candy (Fact: calories don’t count on holidays) and of course, carving some whacky pumpkins?


We decided to get our hands dirty and Consuela-fy some jack-o-lanterns, which naturally meant raiding our local craft store of glitter, sequins, gems and more glitter! The craftier of our team took on the task of carving the brag-worthy pumpkins using our logo while the rest of our crew went to town adding on as many shiny things as possible.


Alright, so some of them turned out better than others…

photo 3

…but a blast was had nonetheless! Happy Halloween from everyone at Consuela!