23rd Apr, 2013 @ 20:00 | consuela

Reveal Your Colors!


Some of you know my story…for those who don’t, I worked in the corporate world for 16 years before deciding to follow my heart.  So many amazing things have happened along the way because of that crazy, but necessary move in my life.  I have traveled to places I never thought possible, and most recently got back from a trip to Italy where I was sourcing the finest leathers available for our next launch in the Spring of 2014.

When I dreamed of the company Consuela, there were many things that went into it.  In particular, Consuela is two things to me. First, it’s my nickname, and alter ego, so all of the things I wanted to do but never dared, Consuela could do! And second, it is based on the word in Spanish consolar, which means to give comfort or make feel better, and it is a personal mission for me through our company to give hope and comfort to others.  By stepping outside of myself I have been able to begin to see these things I dream of happen.

On this trip, I not only got to check out the most amazing sources, I was also able to vacation in Italy where I have never been, with my best friend of 25 years.  Such a gift!  The food, the wine, the landscape, all breath taking.  I can not stop thinking about it and being energized by it.

I hope that you all take a chance and chase a dream that you hold dear, if you see it and put the energy around it in motion, you can make it happen!  Reveal your Colors!!

Here’s some pics of our trip:

In Florence I ate donuts like little clouds (I love sweets! )



We visited the Tuscan wine country in the Chianti region and we opened, decanted, and drank a bottle from my birth year, 1968!! Amazing.



Then we finished the trip with a visit to Ravello on the Amalfi Coast, like nothing I have ever seen! I relaxed, designed, and gazed with awe and appreciation. The attention to detail, in the service, food, even cocktail garnishes reminded me why I love to put detail in Consuela products.  These are things that make people feel special.





With love and gratitude,