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Stylist Rebecca Gaddis’
Top Fashion Tips

Rebecca Gaddis Summer Fashion Tips

Rebecca Gaddis is an Austin-based stylist whose career in the fashion industry inspired her to launch her own consulting business. She teaches her clients to create a stylish but functional look with both high and low end pieces. There’s no better chica to answer all your fashion questions! And without further ado, here’s what you need to know ‐ straight from the stylist’s mouth!

personal stylist Rebecca Gaddis summer fashion

My advice for mixing prints and colors…

Mixing prints is tricky, but when done the right way the result is fantastic and completely unique! One of my go-to’s is to mix a stripe with a floral. It seems to always work! I think the most important rule when it comes to mixing prints is to stick with two patterns. Any more and it can look very overdone. Here’s a recent article I wrote that gives some great print-mixing advice!
I also love mixing different colors together to create interesting new looks. There are so many possibilities, but a great trick is to look at a color wheel – the colors that lie next to each other or that are directly opposite to each other on the wheel usually look great worn together!

The first thing I do when working with a new client…

Whenever I start working with a new client, I try to learn as much as I can about that client’s lifestyle and personality. I have a first-time consultation with all of my clients where we go over all aspects of their lifestyle, and cover everything from their day-to-day schedules, how many events they attend per year, etc. I really need to understand all of these things right away so that I know what their clothing needs are. For instance, a lot of my clients travel quite a bit for business, so they need clothing that is easy to pack as well as have the ability to be versatile on business trips. I also like to get a good look at their current wardrobe before any shopping is done. Knowing what they currently own will let me know where the holes are, and what new pieces would benefit them the most.

One tip to transform a daytime-to-nighttime look in an instant…

I think the best and easiest way to transition from day to night is with accessories. You could be wearing jeans, a white button down blouse and ballet flats during the day – but swap it out with a pair of strappy heels and a chunky statement necklace and you have something completely different.

As a stylist, I could never be without…

My iPhone. It sounds silly but I use it for so many business things. I’m always using the map to help me find a new boutique or client’s home. I use the camera all the time to take pictures of clothing items to send to clients, and I also use apps to get updates on new items that stores are carrying, or to get style inspiration.

Best style advice I’ve ever received…

I think the best style advice is to stay true to who you are, and don’t play too much into trends. As long as you feel confident in what you are wearing, then you can’t go wrong.

No Austinite’s wardrobe is complete without…

For women, I think a great strapless maxi dress is a must. It’s the most versatile piece – especially in the summer. It’s appropriate for the office with flats and a cardigan, or can be dressed up at night with a great pair of heels too.

My favorite happy hour and cocktail in Austin…

I always love a great wine bar for happy hour, and Apothecary on Burnet is one of my favorite laid back spots for a glass of wine and an appetizer. Cocktail wise, I love Weather Up – it’s a great atmosphere and those guys really know how to make a drink!

Connect with Rebecca via her website, ask her your burning fashion questions on twitter or Facebook and keep up with her fashionable life on Instagram.

image sources: Barbara Fialho for Harper’s Bazaar Mexico | Rebecca Gaddis