9th Apr, 2012 @ 18:03 | alyssa

SXSW: Party at the Rail



March wouldn’t be complete without the sounds and sensations of the annual SXSW Festival– ten days of pure music, film, and interactive technology.  Austinites prep for this excitement every year as we receive the influx of people from all around the world who come to join the biggest festival of our city.  On the streets of Austin, you can enjoy the flavor of local folks or cross paths with “stars” like The Counting Crows, Nora Jones, Eminem, Matthew McConaughey, The Cult, Bruce Springsteen, Channing Tatum and others looking to soak in the relaxed vibes of our city.  The Consuela office enjoyed a half day of live music hosted by the entrepreneurial co-working community Center 61.  Featuring local acts such as the South Austin Moonlighters, we enjoyed a day of sun, philanthropy, and supporting a platform for purpose.