Meet a few of our Viva Babes

We are so happy to have launched

It’s Not About the BagTM

This is an ongoing program to celebrate and recognize the amazing, brave, creative, strong, wise, hilarious, and caring women that we all know!

Each month, Consuela will recognize a number of women that are nominated. Feel free to nominate as many people as you want, as all nominations will remain valid and available to be chosen ongoing. We will share the stories of the women recognized on our website and social media.

If your nominee is chosen, we will contact you to help us hand select a unique box of Consuela goodies especially for them!

Who would you like to celebrate for making
each day ridiculously awesome??

Get Started!

Step 1: Fill out form below

Step 2: We'll reach out to you if the person you nominated
is chosen to arrange the celebration!

(We consider being a stay at home mom an occupation!)

Tell us what about this person inspired you, touched you, and made you write to share their story and how they exemplify the Consuela characteristics for living a life of positivity and lifting others.

How does this person make each day ridiculously awesome?

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