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We are a fashion and lifestyle brand founded in Austin, Texas. Derived from the verb consolar; to console, comfort, to uplift…. our mission is to encourage and uplift you on your journey. This is the life you have; we hope you make it ridiculously awesome!

Viva Consuela!

The Art of The Unmatched

From our dreams to our laughs to our favorite handbags, each one of us is uniquely beautiful. Here at Consuela, we celebrate that! Our Art of the Unmatched™ design philosophy is inspired by the different lives and individual styles of women everywhere. Using unexpected colors, textures, and patterns, our designs are purposefully “unmatched” rather than mismatched as if by mistake. To us, each product is a work of art, reflective of the beauty and singularity of us all. Trust in yourself and the world is your oyster!

About Conni


It all began on a beach in Mexico. After years of working the corporate grind, Consuela founder, Conni Reed, found herself sipping a margarita, dreaming of something more. She wanted to experience the bliss of that beach in her work, not merely on a vacation away from it. She wanted to merge her passion for art and design with her goal to bring joy to others. She wanted to empower, excite, uplift. Friends had long since nicknamed her Consuela for her love of Mexico⎯a name derived from the Spanish word consolar, which means to make feel better or console. As the name and the dream collided, it felt meant to be. In 2005, with a logo and a car full of handmade products, Consuela began. Since the brand’s official launch in 2006, Conni has grown Consuela into a complete lifestyle brand, offering quality fashion accessories and joyful vacation vibes all year round!
From Conni... Through Consuela designs, I hope to encourage you to live a life of colorful expression. We don’t have to conform or contort ourselves to fit into any one mold or box. We don’t have to pigeonhole ourselves into one go-to color or style. Walt Whitman wrote, “Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” It is our prerogative and our pleasure to reinvent ourselves throughout our lives. Consuela designs mix rich colors, luxurious textures, and surprising patterns to express the multitudes within your individual style and embrace your contradictions. We create products to elate you, uplift you, expand your mind, and inspire you to dream big. I hope you find joy in our designs and surround yourself with beautiful things that lift you up. LIVE IN COLOR!


look good

Consuela celebrates every shade of style from funky to classic, bold to traditional, modern to retro, and everything in between! Being fashionable to us is all about expressing who you truly are and we are committed to creating pieces to embrace that.

laugh easy

Is there anything better than a good ole fashioned “I may have just peed a little” belly laugh? Not for us! Laughter and positivity are contagious, which is why we design products to elate and excite. When you walk into Consuela, you leave your worries at the door!

lift the world

Shared joy and love heals the world, and at Consuela we are all about lifting each other up. We aim to bring you color and beauty as a reminder to live happy, healthy, and free! Surround yourself with good vibes and pass them on!

live in color

At Consuela, we love color! Our designs dare you to reinvent yourself, live big, and shine bright. We celebrate the ever-changing color of our lives, the prerogative to change and grow, and the empowerment of living boldly.!
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